The “Ultra Gamma: Design with Unseen Waves” installation, designed in colaboration with ayala bugai, neta furberg, oren hetzroni and proffesor ezri tarazi.
The exhibit installation is composed of five giant lighting structures, which are each four meters high, under a powerful and unique LED technology flashlight (the “transmitter”) featuring pre-programmed changeable hue and lighting intensities. The “Ultra-Gamma” rays are divided into seven different frequencies: red, green and so on.  The center of the installation features an operator workstation that can activate the ultra-gamma transmissions via touch-screens.
The future will bring understanding, awareness, and maturity regarding the complexity and subtleties of these components and many hidden abilities, strengthening the potential of each person by correcting, balancing, and calibrating all of these aspects, leading to a more profound realization of each individual’s potential enhancement and alignment.






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